About Marlon Shae Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker is a longtime veteran of the sustainable design and development industry and has contributed a great deal to the progress made within the industry over the past decade and a half. As the leader of the sustainability advisory business CEC_logo_2002with Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA), Mr. Kobacker has continued to push for a greater degree of innovation while ensuring that sustainable practices are implemented on a more widespread basis all over the globe. Mr. Kobacker’s efforts in this regard have been buttressed by his status as an internationally respected figure within the industry, and the native of Australia has frequently shared his insight and expertise while speaking at international conferences held in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Before moving into his leadership role with CECA, Mr. Kobacker worked with a number of global firms on endeavors relating to everything from property development to major infrastructure projects. While working with Transurban, Cundall, Edge Environment, Arup and AECOM, Mr. Kobacker made significant contributions to sustainable design and development through his wide-ranging abilities relating to carbon footprinting, life-cycle assessment, clean energy finance, project management and feasibility studies.

MarlonKobackerA dedicated professional who understands just how critical it is for the sustainability industry to continually develop new and advanced solutions for the purpose of climate change adaptation, Mr. Kobacker’s career accomplishments clearly reflect his passion for encouraging a greater focus on corporate social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility. Mr. Kobacker’s comprehensive skill set has proved to be highly beneficial in each professional role in which he has served, contributing to a wide variety of operations ranging from stakeholder engagement to sustainability analytics.

Mr. Kobacker attended school at the University of New South Wales, earning undergraduate degrees in photovoltaic engineering, solar energy, computing and educational psychology. After completing his studies as an undergraduate, Mr. Kobacker remained at the university to pursue and earn a Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Design and subsequently served as a lecturer at the UNSW School of Renewable Energy while also developing a new course: “Solar Architectural Technologies.”

A frequent contributor to the industry through the publication of articles and books on nearly every aspect of sustainable design and development, Mr. Kobacker is also involved in a number of professional organizations and holds several industry accreditations. With professional accreditations that include LEED (United States Green Building Council), Green Star (Green Building Council of Australia) and Infrastructure Sustainability (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia), Mr. Kobacker remains one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry today and continues to drive innovation in every aspect of sustainable design and development.