Could Growing Citrus Be The Next Big Business in Australia?


Could growing citrus be the next big business in Australia? With a landscape perfect for these types of fruit, more and more farmers are turning to this region to grow their crops. Let’s take a look at the perks of Australia and why such a business could revolutionize the industry.

Australia provides a nearly ideal environment for citrus. These fruits like warm climates that are not excessively humid. Considering the four seasons of Australia and the fact that each of them is relatively mild, this sort of climate is easily achievable. In addition, if growers use specially insulated farmhouses, it is even easier to regulate the outdoor temperature. Experts have concluded that Australia has a terrific atmosphere for plants in general, and citrus is certainly no exception. The landscape is very promising in this regard.

Population demographics:
The demographics of Australia is another reason that citrus has so much potential. With a relatively young population, there is no shortage in the workforce. Citrus farms generate well-paying jobs that are successful in all seasons. Moreover, the target audience of citrus can range from the young to the old. Other businesses have limitations due to the demand for the product and the fact that it is not always desired. However, judging from recent studies of citrus products, there is a steady upward trend in purchases. Over the past ten years, orange juice and lemonade have been two of the top sellers in Australia. In this sense, there is a sort of insurance in the citrus industry. The population demographic is guaranteed to be stable, so new companies won’t have to worry about their existence. Instead, the focus can be on high-quality products and spread the word about their health benefits.

Australia is one of the top exporting countries in the world. Every year, millions of pounds of goods travel in and out of the country. With such a healthy market, it is a prime location for citrus farms. Companies will have no trouble sending oranges in bulk due to the popularity of this type of industry. The regulations for food exports are relatively lax, which means there are no concerns about items lost in transition. If citrus companies want to export to new locations, Australian law mandates that they have to fill out tax forms and regulation forms. Once this is finished, they are free to communicate and transport. These rules allow new farms to develop without any inhibitions. Exporting is one of the primary goals of the citrus industry, so it makes perfect sense to base it in a country such as Australia.

Citrus companies:
Australia is already the host of a multitude of citrus companies. Businesses such as Simfresh are established and held in high regard by owners and clients alike. While the citrus industry would have to start from scratch in other regions, Australia has a strong basis to work off of. Simfresh already has an extensive array of transportation and production utilities. This will save time and money, and in the long run, owners will not have to purchase these amenities. Moreover, there are strong connections between these businesses. With regular communication and partnerships over five year periods, citrus companies are able to work off of one another instead of starting fresh. In cities without these connections, businesses would have to acquire licenses and leases before making progress. In a world where time is of the essence, this is simply not a feasible strategy.

In Australia, the citrus industry would have relatively few competitors. There are no major domains that would restrict its growth or have implications for the future. In other cities, it can be hard to freely grow citrus due to competition from nearby companies. Pollution and water supply can be serious factors when analyzing growth potential. When it comes to citrus production, it is best to have an uncontested environment. Because resources are so important, there is no reason to put them in jeopardy with fierce competition. Industrial areas of Australia are ideal in this regard. Citrus is slowly gaining recognition as the next booming field, and with the support from Australia’s finest investors, there is no reason it can’t skyrocket.

When it comes to big ideas and innovation, Australia is a mecca for development. In particular, growing citrus could feasibly become one of the leading businesses in the country. With the right culture and societal standards, there are nearly no limits to the number of exports or imports.

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