Dr. Raouf Farag Explains Why The Upcoming Smart Hospital Operating Room Could Be Big

Dr Raouf Farag Smart HospitalIn today’s time, the smarter things get, and by that we’re talking about everything we use on a daily basis, the more productive and effective our lifestyle has become. Everything from phones which were replaced by smartphones, cars which are on the way to being replaced by smart cars using AI systems, smart homes that create sustainability and convenience for us and so much more.

Word has it, according to Dr. Raouf Farag, that the hospitals everywhere are soon to be testing the effectiveness of smart operating rooms, that is, rooms that do all the hard work for the specialists so there is more time focusing on what is more of a demanding priority. One of Dr. Farag’s favorite instruments to be coming soon is the smart table that tells all the information of the patient such as weight, blood type, heart rate and much more. The table will then send that information to the patients profile and sync with other information. This is a huge step in innovation and energy conservation.


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